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Frustrating Milestones and Half Milestones

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I got a Baby Center email today that said D might be pulling up to a stand in his crib lately (yes) and that comically (NO) he may scream for help (yes) when he can't sit himself back down.  Whoever wrote that email has a VERY different sense of humor than me.

Speaking of milestones, when will a 3 1/2 year old E be able to hang up towels on a towel rack?  This is a huge source of frustration for both of us lately despite many step-by-step lessons.  I never thought I would be explaining this specific task in so much detail.

Last week D learned to crawl and already he is proficient and fast.  He has his top teeth breaking through. Sleep was good after his current Wonder Week (and by good, I mean five hour stretches) for about four blissful nights.  Now we're back to 3 am baby parties.  Luckily, I'm watching New Girl on Netflix late at night and Mr. SPS surprised me with this which is as good as it looks/sounds:

My Velcro Baby is becoming more of a Monkey Boy, pulling himself up on my pants to try to climb me at all times. Breastfeeding is melting the weight off and apparently I need to buy tighter pants.

The good news is the 2-3-4 nap schedule seems to work for D now at 8 months old.

And just because it doesn't seem right to post an update without including her, we are thinking of Violet a bit extra (as if that is possible) today on the International Day of Hope.

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  1. A lil trick for keeping those towels up is safety pinning them on the towel bar. Or I'm sure someone sells a snap towel or Velcro towel. People sell everything these days. We just started using hooks instead of towels over the bar and sometimes a small facecloth next to the sink for kid use only. Changed daily.