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I Was a Teacher Before I Was a Momma

By Devany | Labels:
Dear Parents of my Former Students,

I'm so sorry.  You see, I was a teacher before I was a momma.  While I don't think that being a parent makes you a better teacher, it definitely helps you understand things that you couldn't possibly if you don't have kids.

Today E had her first day of traditional preschool, but it was set up to ease them into the transition.  Parents and a lovey (Cowie, of course) could attend.  The class was split in half so we only stayed for an hour.  Not only did this force me to scramble to find someone to watch D while I went, but it also clarified some other things.

On the way out the door today, I realized that I hadn't written out her tuition check.  I wrote it out in the car before we walked in, but then I realized that I'd forgotten the security key that we needed to scan at the door.  Once inside, I remembered that there was paperwork at home, not yet filled out, that was expected to be completed by today.  Sigh.  I didn't even have our littlest one with me, yet I was dropping this preschool ball left and right!  Did I mention that we completed the hand she is holding in that picture which she needed to bring with her today at 8 pm last night?

So, Parents of My Former Students, I do apologize.  I don't think I was too critical, but I get it now.  Meals, bedtimes, routines, and any time with your family is more important than making sure every paper is completed as soon as possible.  By the time they go to sleep, you're tired, too.  Folders sometimes don't get emptied or they do get emptied but the papers get lost, ripped by the baby, or milk spilled on them before you get a chance to read them.  Even with plenty of time to complete projects, sometimes they get pushed to the last minute.  I've learned that it doesn't mean they aren't completed with love and your full attention.  That attention is just hard to come by these days. 

Most of all, I understand who you were handing me that first day of Kindergarten.  Your baby.  Your baby at five years old was still very much a baby.  I turned to Mr. SPS last night as the kids were asleep and said, "How can we be sending her to preschool tomorrow?  We just brought her home from the hospital yesterday!"  Thank you for trusting me with your most precious (still-a-baby) big kid.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have some paperwork to fill out.

Your Child's Former Kindergarten Teacher 


  1. I love you for this! Not much can make me tear up but this last paragraph just brought me to tears. It's just how I feel....trustingly handing over my baby for the day. And the 1st car ride home from the hospital washes over me... beautiful. Thank you for this.

  2. Tears at that last part. I know! I felt the same way when I dropped my baby off at her first day of kindergarten 2 years ago. How do they grow up so fast?

    Like you, I would definitely be a different teacher now that I have kids.