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Cookie Decorating for Fine Motor Practice

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Cowie continues to be having adventures while E is at preschool.  E comes home to find Cowie in a different invitation to play each day!  This week it was cookie decorating.  

The night before we had made pumpkin sugar cookies.  I am glad that I am in this photo even if I do look so tired, courtesy of baby D the night before!  

We made the letter E with our leftover sugar cookie dough.  We are always looking for ways to work literacy into everything we do together! 

The sneaky fine motor practice for E involved squeezing a small tube of icing.   By using containers of sprinkles instead of shakers, she had to pinch the tiny sprinkles to place them exactly where she wanted them.


Both will improve the muscles in her hands to help her correct her pencil grasp

We worked on impulse control which is an ongoing skill for preschoolers to practice!  If E had a taste of the icing on her fingers, she had to stop decorating to go wash her hands.  If you have an impulsive little one, I recommend asking him/her to wait to have a taste after one cookie is decorated.  With E, I asked her to wait until we decorated six before she sampled them.  You can extend the work before the reward as your child's patience grows.

The face on this guy makes me laugh every time I see him! 

Do you make seasonal cookies with your kids?  What cookie cutters are your favorites?

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