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Egg Carton Pumpkins & Jack-o-Lanterns

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We are on a roll using recycled materials to create fall themed crafts!  Our latest creation can be for fall or Halloween. 


You'll need an egg carton, orange paint, a black marker, and small sticks.  An adult should cut and fold two egg carton cups to nestle inside each other as we did with our egg carton acorns.  Next, take the cups apart again so your child can paint them orange.  Once dry, an adult can carefully punch a hole in the top of one cup to insert a small stick for a stem.  We didn't use any glue in this craft, but you could secure the pieces if you'd like.

To make jack-o-lanterns, your child can use a black marker to draw a face on the pumpkin.  I reminded my daughter E that a face has two eyes, a nose, and a mouth.  She added the "eyebrows" all on her own.  We used this time to discuss the shapes people might use when creating a jack-o-lantern face. I like that we can turn the jack-o-lanterns' faces around to display the pumpkin side after Halloween to keep them up for Thanksgiving!

The jack-o-lanterns look great with a decorated pumpkin (and the artist)!   They also enjoy keeping our toilet paper roll scarecrow company!

This post was first published as a guest post for Lebanon Macaroni Kid.

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