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Recycled Take Out Container Frankenstein

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We may be addicted to recycled crafts this autumn season.  Before we put anything in the trash or recycle bin, E and I both analyze it to think of what it could become!  

Our latest creation is a recycled take out container turned into a Frankenstein.  We have a running joke in our family that Mr. SPS is scared of Frankenstein.  E wanted to make a happy one to make him feel more brave around them!  

Start with a take out container, preferably after your lovely husband brings you home sesame chicken and white rice for dinner.

Turn the container upside down and paint it green.  Our paint didn't quite cover the text on the top of the container, but that's fine because Frank needs hair.

Glue on eyes.  After doing an image search for Frankenstein, E decided to draw on the nose, scar, and mouth with markers.  She drew him sticking his tongue out so he would be too silly for Daddy to be scared!

We glued on felt hair.  Our Frankenstein was ALIVE!  I love how the handle of the take out container reminds me of his bolted on head!

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