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Egg Carton Snowmen on the Light Table

Egg carton snowmen on the light table are an opportunity to recycle and create simultaneously! Our preschooler also practiced drawing and tying while she worked on her snowman.

We've used our recycled paper egg cartons to make egg carton acorns and egg carton pumpkins so when I accidentally bought the clear plastic egg cartons I immediately thought of our light table!

Our preschooler selected markers to draw on details (including hair, naturally).  She used pink for the girl snowman (Er, snowwoman?  Snowgirl?) who she said was her and blue for the snowman who was her friend X.

They had buttons so they needed scarves.  She chose ribbon from our craft supplies to tie a scarf on each snowman! This was great fine motor practice for tying shoes.

Happily Ever Mom and I had a "great minds think alike" moment. Check out her version of stackable egg carton snowmen on the light table!  

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  1. I love this post so much! I can't wait to try this version with my daughter. And, thank you so much for the mention :-)