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Host a Hot Chocolate Party for Fine Motor Practice

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A hot chocolate party is a twist on the traditional tea party for cold winter days. Ours was packed full of fine motor work to practice those skills in a sweet, rewarding way!

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Our preschooler E shook the hot cocoa mix from the packets into the pitcher. She had to work her fingers when shaking and squeezing the powder out. I added the hot water then E stirred the hot chocolate in the pitcher. This step used her hand eye coordination.

She poured a mug for me and one for herself.  I love the push this activity gave us both regarding her independence.  She wanted to try while I needed a reminder about the benefits of allowing her this opportunity.

Our hot chocolate bar had the following toppings: mini chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, mint chocolate chips, Hershey's Kisses, and marshmallows! Different sizes and types of marchmallows would also be fun! I absolutely adore when E engages in self motivated learning.  She didn't let me down during this activity as she asked if she could put the chocolate in order by size.

To add the toppings, E had more fine motor practice while using a spoon to scoop and pour as well as tweezers to pick up and serve the marshmallows and Kisses!

She was a wonderful host as she took my order and served my toppings as well!  We practiced our manners.  We had conversation over our drinks.  E decided she'd like to do this again with a friend next time!

To say that we enjoyed our hot chocolate party together would be an understatement because we had a blast during our cozy, comfy afternoon together!

This post is a part of Fine Motor Friday!  

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  1. Love to try this! Looks like yummy fun!

  2. So fun! My kiddos would LOVE a hot chocolate party!!

  3. This is so adorable! What a sweet girl you have!

  4. Irelyn said "This looks like fun, can I try?!"

  5. This is adorable! Such a great way to work on fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination, while creating lasting memories together. Plus, I know my boys would love this. A tea party? Not so much. :-)

  6. I love this!! She looks like she had a blast and so much fine motor practice in there. :)

  7. oo, so tasty activity! I loved to see how she picked up Kisses with tweezers. It is so interesting to observe how children approach to certain activities. This one was a bless for both of you. We will certainly try that at our home. Thanks for the idea.

    Greetings from Hawaii