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Love Potions: Toddler Water Play

Our toddler already has me head over heels for him! He created his own love potions for Valentine's Day sensory toddler water play.

The idea for this last play invitation for our Show Me The Love series was inspired as I was telling my co-host House of Burke about the light table love potion mixing my preschooler enjoyed. She asked if I thought it could be adapted for her toddler. We decided to try it out!

When D woke up from his nap, I put him in the bath tub wearing only a diaper. I let him explore the leftover colored water I had mixed for E's love potions. I gave him a variety of bottles, cups, and containers to see if he would pour, mix, or dump the water.  

You can see how happy he was to be provided with this invitation to explore the physics of water! What a happy way to wake up!

He shook, tasted, spilled, splashed, and dumped the water out of the various containers.  I enjoyed watching how he held the bottles as he worked on his fine motor skills.

This was a total sensory experience increased by the fact that he had so much of his skin feeling the water as it splattered him.  Luckily, it was all contained in the tub so there was no mess to clean up after a quick rinse and dry!

I am so glad that I provided this opportunity for my toddler as well as my preschooler!  I love including them both in activities, but on this day I loved letting them each enjoy some one on one love potion creating with me!  

This post is the last in our Show Me The Love series with And Next Comes L and House of Burke.  
We hope you've enjoyed every activity we've shared!
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  1. Yay! He is so stinkin cute, and he had a blast! We will definitely be mixing up some of our own love potions soon!

  2. LOVE the pictures!! Looks like D had a lot of fun!