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Polar Bear Doily Craft

By Devany | Labels:

Our simple polar bear doily craft makes a great addition to a polar unit of study!  While E had total creative freedom as she created her polar region diorama, I also believe that there is also value and merit in crafting because children learn to follow steps in sequential order.  

E began by gluing a paper doily to a piece of construction paper.  

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Next we discussed the facial features a bear needs.  Part of what makes E such a detailed artist at a young age is the fact that we've talked and thought out loud while she creates since she was very small.  

She glued cotton balls on for the ears then chose two matching googly eyes.  Practicing her fine motor skills while squeezing the bottle and pressing the materials down firmly, she glued  independently.  

E had her choice of art materials to create the nose and mouth.  She picked her Mr. Sketch scented watercolor markers.  

She is so proud of her work!  This picture speaks volumes, doesn't it?

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