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Cloud Dough with Literacy

By Devany | Labels:

It's time for February's installment of 12 Months of Sensory Dough!  This month is cloud dough and our spin is to pack in some literacy!  Things didn't go exactly as I planned but we still had fun!

For our cloud dough we used one box of red velvet cake mix, one cup of vegetable oil, and six cups of regular flour.  I was hoping if we added the oil to the cake mix first we would get a red color, but instead it just looked chocolaty.

We stirred in the flour until a moldable cloud dough formed.  E immediately piled and patted it into a "mountain."

I used the leftover cinnamon red hot candies from our love potion mixing activity to make the letter E.

Again the literacy activity didn't go as I planned as E wanted to create something else she is fascinated with instead:

Volcanoes!  Knowing the value in unstructured sensory play and seeing the fine motor skills involved with her making the "lava" trails we went with it!

Soon she added Little People and a bowl of water!  It was a great morning activity that held her attention, even if it wasn't what I intended!

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  1. You gotta love an imagination that turns cloud dough into a large erupting volcano. How cute!! Cloud dough is definitely a challenging one to add color to. So odd that a red velvet cake didn't have any red coloring to it though. I bet your Cloud Dough smelled amazing though! :)

  2. I never would have thought to use cake mix! I love that. Even though it didn't turn out as you expected, I love how it turned out - volcanos are lots of fun. :)