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Mardi Gras Play Dough

By Devany | Labels:

Play dough is one of the most universal fine motor activities!  We themed this week's invitation to play by creating our own Mardi Gras play dough!
We started by making a batch of The Imagination Tree's no cook play dough.  I love it because it's fast!  I divided the dough into thirds to color in the traditional Mardi Gras colors of purple, gold, and green.  I added beads and stars before setting the invitation out for my preschooler.

As I took pictures to document her play it quickly became apparent how much fine motor work in naturally built into play dough play.  She was smashing and kneading the dough.  She put a star into the center then picked it out.  

I joined in to encourage and inspire her creativity without directing it.  I put the beads into the play dough. She did the same then removed the beads to feel the impression they left behind in the play dough.

I used the purple and gold stars to make a standing pattern in my dough.  E is very interested in identifying patterns!

E decided to thread a string of beads through the stars!  What a fantastic, fun fine motor challenge!  

She asked for scissors to "cut up zucchini for Cowie."  As she worked on Cowie's lunch, I made a three colored spiral creation.

When E saw what I made she asked for a knife to serve that for Cowie too.  I love that she asked to use two tools (scissors and a knife) that I hadn't included in the invitation to play that increased her fine motor work!

Lucky Miss Cowie enjoying her carefully prepared play dough meal!  

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  1. How fun! Play dough never gets old! We play with it almost daily! Thanks for some new inspiration to play!

  2. Looks like Cowie had a blast! Lol! I love the pattern the beads leave, my daughter would really like that!

  3. love the rolled up lunch cutting! Lovely colors.

  4. Awesome! I think even my Baton Rouge born hubby will get into this play!

  5. Love the fun festive colors!! We look forward to making some playdough soon! : )

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