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Rainbow Textured Ribbon Sensory Board

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We love the challenge of creating with materials that would otherwise be thrown away!  This month's material for Project: Recycle & Create is styrofoam!  We saved and sanitized a styrofoam packing tray to make a rainbow textured ribbon sensory board!

We used the same tray that had been our Frozen Inspired Winter Writing Tray!  I carefully punched six holes in a row on each side of the tray.  E dug through our stash of ribbon, yarn, and other threading materials to pick a piece for each color of the rainbow.

The threading, cutting, and taping was wonderful fine motor practice for my preschooler!  We taped each piece of ribbon down on the back of the tray with masking tape to secure it.

I envisioned the completed project to be a sensory board for both of my kids to explore but E didn't let toddler D check this one out.  He was busy playing with the scraps of ribbon and yarn so he didn't mind. She decided that this rainbow ribbon board was hers since we "made it together" so we'll get working on another one once we save and wash another tray!

She loved describing the ribbons with adjectives like scratchy, bumpy, and slippery.  At one point, a string came loose so she brought it to be re-taped explaining that she had been "guitaring" it.  Is there anything better than preschool inventive language?

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