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Sight Word Sorting with Shamrocks

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We made our sight word sorting seasonal with shamrocks!  E is still loving her Reading Eggs subscription which has renewed her interest in sight words!  We geared up for St. Patrick's Day by making these sight word cards.

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I started with pre-cut shamrock shapes in two shades of green but you could easily cut our your own using a heavier paper.  Next, I laminated the cards with my favorite Christmas present from this year, my Scotch laminator! I cut magnetic tape into strips to put on the back so the shamrocks would stick to our fridge.  

The great thing about laminating manipulatives is that you can write on them with permanent marker and later remove the writing rubbing alcohol or hairspray!  You can also use a dry erase marker to write the words if you prefer.  This would also be a great activity for numberical order with numbers or spelling with letters!

I put all the sight word shamrocks on the bottom part of our freezer.  First E sorted by color.  Each time she added a word, she would re-read the group practicing left to right and one to one pre-reading skills.

I never know if or how D will interact with us during our homeschool preschool activities but I love finding out.  He enjoyed taking the shamrocks off and collecting them into a tray to prepare them for E to sort!

Once he was finished with that task he moved on to our kid friendly, toddler safe "go for it" drawer!  He loves emptying and refilling this drawer with plastic dishes.  It is a great job for him while we work in the kitchen and keeps him out of the drawers he shouldn't be in (with a few reminders).

E worked on sorting the sight words by how many letters they contained next.  Again, she read the whole group as she added a new one so this activity contained tons of reading practice!  She wanted her three letter sight words to make a sentence so she rearranged them!

Obviously, we have a sentence building activity in our near future!  

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