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St. Patrick's Day Literacy and Math on the Light Table

To add a festive St. Patrick's Day spin to our light table play I created some DIY transparent letter manipulatives for literacy that we called gold coins!  We also found some holiday themed ways to explore math, too!

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I'll explain the alphabet "gold coins" because if you have a light table you will want to make these!  I used the same material as when I created our DIY light table numbers: transparent pony beads!

We used a toaster over (outside so there were no fumes in the house) at 400 degrees.  Unlike the numbers, for the gold coins I put the beads in so they were not touching each other.  I would say it took about 3 or 4 minutes to melt them to the coin shape.  Once they were cool I used a permanent marker to write a letter on each one.

My preschooler E used the coins to spell our names and then her sight words on the light table!  I love the way the light shines through them so we'll be making some other colors, too!

We got out our Light Table Pattern Blocks to create shamrocks!  I challenged E to make one with three leaves then a good luck clover with four leaves!

We used our St. Patrick's Day loose parts to create and continue patterns.  It was great fine motor work for E to line up the pieces in just the right places. 

Open ended light table play is so soothing and pretty!  E built more shamrocks with our round green beads, too!

For more St. Patrick's Day ideas, check out our St. Patrick's Day Pinterest board:

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