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Clothespin Bunnies

Our clothespin bunny activity is a complete kid crafted creation with beneficial fine motor work built in! While the bunnies were all my daughter's project I intentionally chose several materials that would encourage fine motor practice.

We began by cutting out colored card stock circles for the faces. Next E glued on Craft Project Ideas' Wiggly Eyes.

The rabbits' noses are foam heart stickers attached upside down. Removing the paper backing and applying the stickers is a great fine motor activity!

E drew on the mouths then insisted that the bunnies also needed eyelashes. Well, of course they do!

Even cleaning up the wiggly eyes and putting them back into the jar is fine motor work!

My only contribution to this craft was hot gluing Craft Project Ideas' colored wood craft sticks to our clothespins. We chose colors that matched the card stock faces we had made for our bunnies.

Initially I thought we could pin the bunnies on a line to make an Easter garland but the clothespin ears were too heavy causing the bunnies to flip over (which E thought was hysterical) so we switched to clipping on the ears without hanging them.

This color matching activity is educational plus pinching clothespins is exactly the type of fine motor work that my daughter needs to improve her pencil grasp

Don't let her face fool you! This was tricky work but it wasn't too difficult to keep her engaged and interested.

Once all the bunnies were created she decided there was a mother, father, brother, and sister bunny. She added that they had a baby bunny but it died. She is always working the loss of her sister into her pretend play. We spent quite some time acting out scenarios with our bunny family!

She is so proud of her completely kid crafted bunny family! I'm excited about all the fine motor exercise she received that afternoon! 

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  1. Omgoodness this is the cutest child made project ever. E is too cute! Tell her she did an awesome job!