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Recycled Earth Day Craft

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Once we made our melted bead Earth for the light table Earth Day crafts were on my mind! When I saw this blue lid to a container of snacks I just knew we needed to create an earth from it!

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You only need a blue lid and a few green crayons! My preschooler helped me remove the paper from the crayons for fine motor practice!

We used my embossing tool to gently melt the crayons. As they turned to liquid we dabbed the color onto the blue lid. I loved the effect of using the two shades of green. The air from the embossing tool did occasionally blow bits of wax onto our table or create islands on our Earth that we didn't want! They easily peeled off but next time I'd line our work area with newspaper!

 Once we had the green crayon wax where we wanted it I warmed the whole lid with the embossing tool again. It remelted and blended the wax giving it the perfect swirled look for our Earth!  Happy Earth Day!

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