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Mirror Play for Babies

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One of the simplest yet most enriching tools you can give your baby is a mirror. From social interaction to self recognition here's the when, how, and why of baby mirror play. 

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Please always use caution and unbreakable mirrors when playing with children.

Babies are curious about mirrors because they are naturally attracted to the human face. They will spend hours gazing lovingly at you! As soon as they can start focusing on objects you can begin to engage them in mirror play. During tummy time you can place a mirror under them as motivation for them to push up to study their own face!

Handheld mirror toys are wonderful for the first year. We recommend Melissa and Doug Color-Flap Mirror and Nuby Look at Me Mirror Toy

As baby begins to sit and crawl hanging mirrors at their eye level is a wonderful invitation to explore! Experimenting with reflection is fun for all ages! This Sassy Floor Mirror stands up which encourages your baby to get mobile to reach his playmate (himself) in the mirror!

Babies don't begin to recognize themselves in a mirror until nine months old. After bath time, take a minute to point to yourself and your beautiful baby in a mirror. Identify each other and name body parts while pointing to them (or kissing them)!

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