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Visual Grocery Lists for Kids

Allowing children to make healthy choices for their own meals encourages them to try and eat a wide variety of foods. These free printables help us inventory our produce at a glance, assist with meal planning, offer the kids wholesome snack choices, and provide a visual grocery list for shopping trips!

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We slip our fruit and vegetable printables into a clear wipe off page protector and use dry erase crayons and/or washable dry erase markers to mark what fruits and veggies we have, which we've used up, and to decide what we'd like to buy on our next shopping trip.

Not only does this remind the adults in our family what produce we need to use before it goes bad but it offers the kids a variety of choices for their meals. I usually let the kids pick the fruit and/or vegetable for lunch and sometimes dinner. We take the lists with us to the grocery store for the kids help find and check off the fruits and vegetables we want to purchase!

To print your own full color copies click on the images below:

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