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S is for Sea Glass: ABCs of Nature Series

Sea glass has always fascinated me. I jumped at the chance to explore it with my children through School Time Snippets' ABC’s of Nature series!

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Authentic sea glass is actual glass found on beaches once it has been littered into the oceans then tumbled smooth. People began to collect it and we are (thankfully) taking better care of our oceans so authentic beach glass is becoming more and more rare. For our activities, we ordered and used imitation sea glass. It was smooth enough for my kids to handle.

Books about sea glass for kids:
Journey of the Sea Glass - Nicole Fazio
The Story of Sea Glass - Ann Dodd

I presented the sea glass to the kids in sand. They washed their treasure off in the water creating a sensory experience. My preschooler E kept calling them "jewels!" She loved the different colors.

Toddler D loves to play with water so he loved this invitation to explore. He even tried his pieces off with a paper towel! This was a fun outside activity on a hot day.

Even Cowie joined the experience in the crook of E's arm! I love when an activity entertains both kids together for quite some time. This nature exploration did just that!

Once it began to storm outside we brought our sea glass inside to explore on the light table! E sorted the sea glass by color. We created pictures with the colored glass!

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  1. Looks like they both had fun with it! So cool to finally see D enjoying more sensory play. :)

  2. Love the ways you explored Sea Glass! I bet it was absolutely stunning to play with on the light table!