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Window Math

My preschooler has been so incredibly interested in math. (Thank you, Math Seeds!) The theme of this month's activity for the Light & Reflections series is motor skills. We did a few window math games with a gross motor twist!

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I wrote numbers on the inside of our sliding glass door with window markers. I am pretty proud of the fact that I did them all backwards and had them correct on the first try! When we headed outside the first remark our preschooler E made was that it reminded her of a remote control. 

I explained that first we were going to use it as a telephone. She practiced typing in our phone number to review. 

Next we worked on the math facts she's practicing. I would name a sum and she would punch in the two addends. 

She really did want to punch the window so I had to watch my terminology and remind her to press on the window with her open palm like she was pushing a button. 

This activity worked out really well since the writing was on the inside of the window. The marker wouldn't come off when the kids touched the numbers.

As you can see E stood on our bilibo as a stool since it's outside for spinning fun on the deck! Our toddler D was also quite interested in this game so it will be a great way for him to learn numbers as E works on math skills!

You could review letters, sight words, colors, and shapes in the same way! This winter we plan to switch sides so we can press the buttons from inside the cozy warm house. You could also gently toss bean bags at the window, shoot foam dart guns, or squirt with water toys! 

We've got both fine motor and gross motor posts covered!
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