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Alphabet City Sorting Center Review

As an Early Childhood Teacher turned Homeschooling Mom I love to create my own educational activities for my kids but we also love to learn with the very best literacy toys on the market. You can't beat the convenience, durability, and fun of Excellerations Alphabet City Sorting Center!

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Our preschooler and toddler were both enthusiastic and engaged in their play with this initial sound and letter activity set from Discount School Supply. The literacy teacher in me could hardly contain the excitement as well as we opened the box to discover our Alphabet City Sorting Center

The alphabetic buildings come constructed in the package providing you with a convenient literacy center ready for learning and play! Our preschooler dug right in to investigate the detailed illustrations on each box. The Alphabet City Sorting Center is colorful and the perfect size for little hands to create small worlds for hours of fun.

The front of the buildings highlight an uppercase letter and a sign displaying the name of each shop. E is learning to read so she loved using her knowledge paired with picture cues to read the name of the stores in the Alphabet City Sorting Center. The back of the buildings list the corresponding picture cards that match the initial sounds sorting activity for self-assessment. 

This learning center provides tasks for everyone in your classroom from those just learning that letters have meaning to emergent readers reading the print on each building and card. If you are purchasing this gift for one child the multi-leveled tasks ensure that the set will grow with the knowledge of your early reader.

E immediately wanted to set the shops up in alphabetical order. She sang the ABCs as she worked. These buildings in the Alphabet City Sorting Center are going to provide so much small world and pretend play in our house as we set up this city with our cars and roads over and over again!

Our toddler D has an extreme interest in letters lately much to my delight! He picked up the cards with the laminated letters and picture word pieces. As I quickly punched out the chipboard parts to the Alphabet City Sorting Center I could tell how durable they were which is a must in our house. As a homeschooling family, our toys get a lot of use and love. D started naming the letters he knew. He was also drawn to the brightly colored pictures and identified many of those with ease in his toddler speak!

Uppercase and lowercase letters are color coded. These durable pieces could be used for other classroom and educational activities apart from the city building banks. I love that the pictures have the words on the back. If a child is unsure of an illustration (frog or toad, for example) they can use the initial letter of the word to identify each piece. 

Each building box has a bank type slot at the top. Children use their fine motor skills to sort both uppercase and lowercase letters as well as four picture cards into each shop. My kids also loved turning the boxes over to shake out the pieces at clean up time!

Excellerations really thought of everything with the Alphabet City Sorting Center. It will be on the top of many holiday and classroom wishlists this year! From recognizing and identifying letters to phonemic awareness (the ability to hear, isolate, and work with individual sounds in words) to discovering alphabetic principle (the notion that letters represent these sounds in written words) with the Alphabet City Sorting Center your preschoolers will be working on skills lay the foundation of their success in reading in the coming years.

Discount School Supply provided us with Excellerations Alphabet City Sorting Center for writing this review but, as always, all words and enthusiasm are 100% our own!

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