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Fine Motor Autumn Leaves Sorting

We are celebrating Fall with fine motor autumn leaf sorting! It's a fun way for kids to play while working on early math concepts.

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For this fine motor sorting invitation I set out our favorite training chopsticks, fall leaf foam beads, and a mini-cupcake container that I immediately claimed when I saw it at my mother-in-law's house! I mean, cupcakes are great too but you know you're a homeschooler/early childhood education blogger when you get that excited about a divided take out container! 

I love these autumn leaf beads because they are assorted sizes, types, and colors. They provide several different attributes for sorting which is a very important critical thinking skill. Here our preschooler E is working on a row of each color. 

E said that the chopsticks were making her hands tired (which proved they were working her fine motor skills!) so we moved on to a pincer grasp for the next several activities.

We worked on making and completing different patterns from simple ABAB to more complex ABBABB and ABCCABCC. Creating patterns is another skill that is adaptable to all levels of learners in one classroom!

We revisited our hula hoop Venn Diagram sorting with our fall leaves. If a child has never worked with a Venn Diagram I explain one hoop criteria at a time. 

I explained that the green hoop was for green leaves and the red hoop was for the Birch leaves. If a leaf was a green Birch it went in the middle where the two hoops overlapped. If a leaf wasn't green OR Birch it went outside of both hoops.

Sorting with a Venn diagram is a great way to practice more complex mathematical thinking in early elementary grades. You could almost see E's wheels turning as she picked up each leaf to consider where it would go. She loves this activity (and so do I!) and it's adaptable for any theme or interest!

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  1. Woe venn diagram, NICE! It all looks fun but that caught me by surprise! Love that idea!! Those foam beads look perfect for fine motor work! And our eggs come in those same containers. So fun for so many uses!

  2. Like it very much how you expanded sorting activities!