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Icy Eyeball Sensory Exploration

This spooky sensory invitation to explore was the perfect fine motor activity for Halloween! Our kids loved the combination of water beads and our frozen ice eyeballs. These treats are edible so they would also be fun in creepy drinks for a Halloween party!

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Every interesting activity we set up looks even better on our Alex Toys Prism Light Center! For this sensory play date we put out glass baking dishes, our clear egg tray (Psst, we got ours at The Dollar Tree!), tongs, water beads, and our DIY frozen eyeballs.

I still can't quite believe I set this realistic eyeball sensory bin up! I can barely look at the posters on the walls at the optometrist's office! Yet both kids loved this invitation and were fully engaged from start to finish.

To make the "eyeballs" we put gummy Lifesavers in the bottom of our ice ball tray. They were oh, so realistic! We could freeze four "eyes" at a time (Ha, four eyes!) so we did prep this activity slowly over the course of several days. Our preschooler loved to help make the frozen eyeballs and then see how they looked when we popped them out of the freezer.

I love that our Alex Toys Prism Light Center is sturdy and durable enough for my toddler to explore  messy sensory play. A quick wipe after we were finished and the light table cleaned up beautifully.

The squishy sensory experience of the water beads is always irresistible. The changing sensation of the "eyeballs" melting from a solid sphere to revealing the gummy irises that E loved to dig out (Cringe!) was also fascinating. Our kids wanted to play all day. We used several colors for the eyes so they made patterns and matched colors in pairs to create faces!

Make these edible eyeballs from Craftulate with the same molds to have an entirely eyeball themed play date! The eyes have it!

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