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Fall Math: Pumpkin Hunt for Kids

Counting the pumpkins in our neighborhood was a great way to introduce ten frames to our preschooler! We discussed many ways to count on our pumpkin hunt.

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Armed with clipboards, our pumpkin counting ten frame printable, and stamp markers, we canvassed our neighborhood to see just how festive everyone is for Fall! Every time we saw a pumpkin the kids would mark it on their tally sheet. Toddler D led the way!

We discussed academic concepts such as counting by tens, left to right progression, and one to one representation. The kids had an absolute blast finding and recording the pumpkins together!

A few tips:

- Something to write on was essential! We used a clipboard but our neighbor taped his sheet to a hard folder.

- Secretly estimate the pumpkins and or your route before hand. I knew that we needed one sheet per kid if we did a quick walk around our block. (Yes, our neighbors really like pumpkins!)

Fall Preschool Theme

- Decide the criteria before you set out: Are you recording fake pumpkins? Gourds and squash? We only counted real pumpkins.

- You don't need stamp markers for this activity. You could use stickers or simply mark the boxes with check marks.

- Check in with the kids regularly to make sure we are counting together and add up how many pumpkins we've found so far. Some kids can count using the ten frame (10, 20, 30, 31, 32, 33!) and others will want to count each mark. Use this opportunity to review counting by tens!

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  1. Dot markers are always so fun! I love this idea!

  2. I LOVE this and we are so doing it tomorrow!! It'll be a great way for my son to be refreshed on tally marks, too!!