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Scoop and Pour Serving Practice on the Light Table

We set up a fun practical life invitation to play on the light table. Our kids loved practicing self serving skills such as scooping and pouring!

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Our preschooler E has an inefficient, non-developmental interdigital brace grasp so we do fine motor strengthening activities multiple times a week. You can see above that her fine motor weakness not only affects the way she holds a pencil but it impairs her fork and spoon grasp as well. To work on this we practiced scooping neon beads onto transparent colored plates on our ALEX Toys Prism Light Center.

When reminded of how to correctly hold the spoon she could correct her grasp with concentration. She enjoyed the pretend play prompt of serving the beads like food so she was motivated by this activity! She asked how many scoops on each color plate and counted as she served.

Next I asked her to pour us drinks. She loved the practical life responsibility of this task! The water was colored with gel food coloring which looks so pretty on the light table. 

Once our toddler D saw what his older sissy was doing on the light table he wanted to try too! These beads are irresistible for sensory play as well!

His spoon grasp is already developing correctly! While he spilled more beads than his older sister he was very attentive and engaged in this task as well.

He loved transferring the beads from one container to another. The sound as they pour is another sensory advantage of this activity.

It was stunning how the beads looked different on each color plate. We all loved how the light would shine through as the containers held less beads. It was such a pretty invitation to play!

This post is part of the Light & Reflections Series! 

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  1. This is seriously gorgeous, Devany! My daughter is going to LOVE this :)