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Retelling The Mitten on the Light Table

We love Jan Brett's book The Mitten so we took the retelling of this classic story to the light table!

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Ever since we saw Where Imagination Grows' creative story telling on the light table with transparencies we wanted to try it out ourselves. Using our printer and our light table the possibilities are endless! Of course, you could do this on a table or in a window, too!

We headed to the light table with The Mitten and our props. Our preschooler loved acting out the story by putting the corresponding animals in the mitten one by one.

She loved checking the text in the book then finding the next animal to add to the warm and cozy mitten hideout!

This thumb spot makes the perfect place for the hedgehog! Will all the animals fit inside one lost mitten?

We rearranged the animals and shuffled them around until the only one left outside in the cold was the mouse. 

Winter Preschool Theme

He climbed in and onto the bear's nose and...well, we don't want to ruin the ending for you but I promise your kids will act it out most dramatically! 

I am sure we will be revisiting this activity as we reread The Mitten all winter long! Do your kids know and love this story, too? 

We printed Jan Brett's The Mitten animal characters on a transparency sheet then cut the individual animals apart. We printed the mitten pattern on regular paper since the mitten in the story is white. Alternatively you could print the characters on white paper too!

Arctic Animal Small World on the Light Table from Where Imagination Grows 

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