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Fine Motor Rainbow Ball Game

We love playful ways for our preschoolers to learn colors! Scarves in a ball create an irresistible fine motor game for kids! We made it even more interesting by adding all the colors of the rainbow into our play.

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I had seen a brilliant fine motor activity from Miss Awesomeness' OT blog where she had put scarves in an o-ball for children to pull out. When I contacted her she said that while unfortunately she didn't have a post connected to that image she was looking forward to seeing what type of game we could come up with using her idea! 

We were up to that challenge! Since we had recently worked on Color Gross Motor Games so our toddler can learn color names we decided to review colors again.

Both our preschooler and our toddler got an o-ball with rainbow scarves inside. Little brother would pull out a scarf first practicing his pincer grasp. 

Colors Preschool Theme

We named the color and then our preschooler was challenged to pull out the same color from her ball.

He said, "Peek-a-boo, I see you!" and I replied, "Yes, I see you, too! You are looking though the green scarf! Look, your sister has her green one, too!"

The kids both loved this game! We spent the afternoon putting the scarves back in and pulling them out over and over. 

Our five year old tried to put the scarves in herself but it was just a tiny bit too tricky even for our fine motor veteran!

Of course our fine motor game morphed into a gross motor game as E showered D with the rainbow colors! I love photographing them playing together in such motivating ways!

Discount School Supply generously sent us fun gross motor toys to review including a fantastic Toddler Activity Kit which contained o-balls and rainbow scarves.

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  1. This would be such an awesome transition activity! I wonder if I (read you ;)) could come up with a song to go along with it...hmmm

  2. The scarves Go in
    The scarves come out
    Throw the scarves all about
    With a one,two,three and a kiss from you to me
    We'll have fun and laugh and shout!