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Winter Mirror Box Play

An invitation to build with Winter inspired loose parts in the mirror box is a whimsical way to explore symmetry while working on fine motor skills!

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Our wintry mirror box play invitation included our homemade mirror box, blue and white construction paper, and a snowflake bowl filled with loose parts. We offered cotton balls, mirror discs, and metal snowflake beads from an old necklace. You could also include snowflake confetti!

Our preschooler went right to a mathematical themed exploration by building a pattern with the materials. She was also working on her fine motor skills.

She spent some time moving the paper to see how the reflections in the mirror would change as well.

Left out for our children to revisit and create over the course of a few weeks our Winter Mirror Box has led to discovery and discussion about symmetry, the sensory tactile experience of the materials, and patterns in nature.

This post is part of the Light & Reflection Series! We're thrilled to announce that we are continuing with the series with our favorite fellow light table and mirror enthusiast blogging colleagues to bring you twelve more months of stunning open ended play prompts.

Winter Math Tray on the Light Table from And Next Comes L

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  1. I love her creations! We need to make a mirror box!

  2. We've been doing this today too - I'll be sharing on my blog on Saturday (",)
    Gorgeous creations from your little ones!

  3. This is absolutely mesmerizing! You've inspired me to make a mirror box!!

  4. This is beautiful, Devany!