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Banana Pudding Cookie Cups

We're back with our Cooking with Kids series to share a no cook dessert recipe that is perfect for kids to create! B is for banana so we are making Banana Pudding Cookie Cups!

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This recipe is perfect for making in the classroom since it requires no heat and can be served immediately! You can get the printable recipe for our Banana Pudding Cookie Cups by signing up for our weekly newsletters! Once you join our email subscribers you will receive a link to the page with all of our free printables including this recipe.

Pour two cups of cold milk into a large bowl. Our preschooler enjoyed helping me measure out the milk  by telling me when to stop pouring as I filled our glass measuring cup.

Add in one package of vanilla pudding mix. We used the instant so we only needed to stir with a whisk for a few minutes. You can also use cooked pudding if you'd like. I love how this series is allowing me to get all of these pictures of the kids stirring together each week in our Kitchen Helper stool! Did you notice them doing the same thing when we made our Harvest Apple Cake

Slice several bananas. We used three bananas for the pudding. E used her kinderkitchen knife to slice the bananas so it was safe for D to reach in and grab a slice even though he had another whole banana in his hand!

You can layer the dessert either as individual serving cups or in a larger dish like a trifle. Begin with a bit of pudding at the bottom to soften the cookies as you place them in next. Since we were making little cups for each person we used the mini Nilla Wafers! Put more pudding on top of the cookies, then a layer of sliced bananas, more pudding, and top with cookies.

You can serve immediately or allow the cookies to soften as you store the dessert in the fridge. Yum!

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  1. I have to ask what is pudding mix. is it like custard?

    1. Yes, exactly! I forgot that your pudding means something else entirely!

  2. Oh, we have those mini vanilla wafers. Great idea for them!