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Jack and the Beanstalk Window Retelling

We personalized a creative story retelling of Jack and the Beanstalk on our window with a few simple craft supplies. Our kids loved acting out the story sequence with these familiar characters!

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We used craft foam to create the beanstalk and leaves. Our kids painted water on one side to get the foam to stick to the window. Next we added the kids' faces to foam bodies so they could climb the beanstalk! We also built contact paper clouds with cotton balls!

Retelling a story is great for further discussion of literary elements such as sequence, plot, and characters. Once our kids reached the top of the beanstalk we pretended the giant chased them back down! Building and playing with the beanstalk was fantastic fine motor work. Clean up was super simple and the props can be used again and again!

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  1. Craft foam on the window - great idea! I bet my Mr Frog will love it :) And I really like the foam bodies with faces - I will use this idea for our evening storytelling.

  2. Holy Awesomeness Batman! I love how you personalized it! So fun!