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Pipe Cleaner Rainbow Busy Bag

Do you want to build a rainbow? This busy bag is sure to keep your kids entertained as they name colors and practice fine motor skills!

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Have you ever created or given your child a busy bag? All the contents fit inside a small portable container and are reusable so the activity entertains your child again and again. Whether at the doctor's office or a restaurant or while you're on the phone, busy bags are sure to save your sanity!

Our pipe cleaner rainbow building busy bag was inspired by our Fine Motor Rainbow from last year. I recreated the activity on a smaller scale so we can build rainbows again and again anywhere we go!

The contents of this busy bag include colorful pipe cleaners, floral foam, and cotton balls. I used a serrated knife to cut the small pieces of foam from a larger brick. Our toddler D was easily able to push the pipe cleaners into the foam. He loved this activity!

 Our preschooler meticulously identified and sorted the colors before putting them in rainbow order. Her little brother was echoing her naming the colors, "Dere's orange!" I will never tire of seeing them work side by side like this!

While the end result between our two-year-old and five-year-old's creations are apparent both kids were thoroughly engaged and interested in this activity. It makes the perfect busy bag because they are already asking to build a rainbow again!

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  1. I LOVE that this rainbow can be built again and again. What a clever busy bag idea!! Sharing.

  2. That floral foam looks awesome, I know both my kids would love that! So fun!