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Bottle Cap Hundred Chart

A Hundred Chart is a fantastic  tool for children to naturally discover patterns in math. We recycled bottle caps to create a loose parts math invitation for the light table!

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We studied and discovered patterns using our Transparency Hundred Chart on our ALEX Toys Prism Light Center. We wanted to take the play based learning to the next level by creating homemade loose parts to build our own hundred chart.

I wrote numbers on recycled bottle caps using different colors for odd, even, fives, and tens to highlight mathematical patterns. We bought our bottle caps at our local reuse center but if you drink bottled water you can save the caps or ask parents to donate them to your school!

Our preschooler E started by matching the numbers on the caps to our printed Hundred Chart. Next we moved that off the light table so we could build our own! Inspired by the way we work on puzzles we did the outside border first then filled in the middle.

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