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Glitter Oobleck

We added sparkle to one of our favorite sensory recipes by including glitter! We love the way oobleck changes between the properties of a liquid and a solid as a non-Newtonian fluid.

To make oobleck you only need corn starch and water! Corn starch itself is an interesting sensory experience for kids to explore.

We dumped our corn starch in a glass pan over a tray. Our preschooler E shook it out evenly while D waited with his glitter ready!

Mix two parts corn starch with one part water. We used a turkey baster to add the water for extra fine motor work.

Mix the two ingredients with a fork. Add more water as needed. Then sprinkle glitter on top!

At this point the glitter sits on top of the oobleck. When you touch the surface firmly your finger will bounce and not get wet. If you gently let your finger sink in you will get messy!

We incorporated the glitter throughout the oobleck with our hands. You can see in this container how it stays firm even when upright.

You can pull out a chunk that will slowly ooze out of your hands in a drizzling movement. So uniquely interesting!

We added gems for our sparkle sensory play! This picture shows how you can easily scrape the oobleck off the tray and then it slowly oozes back into place.

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