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Straw Painting: Fine Motor Butterflies

This bright and cheerful craft for kids uses several fine motor skills to create a symmetrical butterfly painting! We loved the result so much we couldn't make just one!

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If you follow us on Instagram, you know that we recently hatched and released our Insect Lore butterflies! We partnered to perfect this butterfly craft for our preschoolers!

We printed butterfly coloring sheets and folded them in half. Then we carefully folded them again in the opposite direction so we would only be painting on half of the butterfly's body.

We cut straws and dipped them in Crayola washable paint. This technique was the perfect way to distribute just enough paint on the paper without making it too messy and we were working on fine motor skills. Keep reminding the kids, "Dip, dot, dip, dot," as they are painting! 

Once our preschooler was finished painting she carefully folded her butterfly page back the other way again. She pressed and smoothed the paper to smoosh the paint around the butterfly's wings. 

When we opened the paper we have a perfectly symmetrical butterfly! How pretty!

She was thrilled with her work, as you can see! These will brighten up any classroom or home!

The paint took about a half an hour to dry. Then we practiced scissor skills by cutting the butterflies out. 

You could use this same technique to paint abstract art or other projects! Don't limit the creativity to butterflies only just because we are a bit obsessed with ours right now.

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