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Chameleon Color Changing Activity for A Color of His Own

We are huge fans of Leo Lionni! We created a fun and interactive way to learn about colors using the chameleon in the book A Color of His Own!

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We created the A Color of His Own chameleon for this activity by printing the coloring sheet chameleon from Leo Lionni's website on an inkjet transparency! Once cut out the chameleon blended in to his surroundings just like the one in the book!

We are hosting our very own Color Summer Camp locally for preschoolers! Since we have been discussing color mixing we tried the chameleon with cellophane sheets on our light table.

No matter what primary color combinations we tried, the chameleon blended in perfectly every time!

We love exploring color theory on the light table! It's even how we made our Still Playing School logo! It was so much fun to share this experience with the kids in our summer camp.

The photo below is actually only a red, yellow, and green cellophane sheet. The orange and green is where they overlap! How awesome!

Next the kids passed the chameleon around and he took turns blending in to their shirts! Can you find him below? He was sturdy enough to withstand the kids handling him so it was the perfect manipulative!

Our camp venue has beautifully painted walls. Our chameleon loved hanging out on the vibrant stripes to find a color of his own!

Finally I hid the chameleon in the play area. I gave the kids clues to his whereabouts for the most challenging and fun game of hide-and-seek ever with our book character! What an interesting way to bring the story to life!

This post is part of the Virtual Book Club for Kids series!

This month we are reading Leo Lionni books including

A Color of His Own



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  1. This would be so fun to hide each morning and let the kids find!

  2. We see a lots of garden lizard on the streets , though not chameleon , my kiddo gets excited on spotting it every time .Gonna try this today :) thanks for the beautiful idea