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Process Art for Kids with Clay and Beads

We are positively loving the process art challenge series! It is a fantastic reminder to me to simply present our kids with supplies and see what they create. I'm learning so much about how their minds work through their art. Last month we tried painting with funnels! This time we presented an invitation to create with clay and beads. 

Create process art with kids using clay and beads!

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We used Crayola air dry clay and Craft Project Ideas' pastel faceted crystal beads. The air dry clay was perfect for keeping this project without having to bake it but if you are purely going for the process any clay and beads will work, even play dough!

Our daughter E decided to make a cube. She used the beads to decorate each side. Pressing the beads into the clay was fantastic fine motor work! 

She started with a rainbow seeking out the colors in rainbow order! 

A smiley face and a purple V to remember her sister Violet! Oh, my heart!

She completed her work with a flower! She asked if we could keep her cube and when I explained that it would dry she was so excited!

Wouldn't this be a lovely gift for someone, too? By simply changing the side that is displayed you get six pieces of art in one cube! I love that our process art turned into a math lesson, too, in that way!

Do you do process art with your kids or students? What do they like to create with clay?

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