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Super Hero Self Portrait

Super Hero Self Portraits are a creative way to allow kids to become familiar with design elements, technology, story telling, characters, and dialogue! We used an online program to alter our own photos and had so much fun in the process.

Create super hero self portraits using your own images! This is super meaningful writing practice for kids! 
We took simple photos of the kids against a solid background in powerful poses. We uploaded the images to PicMonkey to experiment with the Comic Heroes theme. 

We added a comic print effect then added sound effects, narration boxes, and speech balloons. 

As we worked together, I showed our daughter how to enlarge aspects of our design, tilt the overlays, and change the colors. For example, we gave our villan, Gingernado, an orange mask. She dictated the text of our comic.

This image was especially beneficial for discussing the different types of text that a comic or graphic novel author uses to tell a story. E has been incredibly interested in reading comics lately so she was inspired before we began by this prior knowledge. She understood that the text in the dialogue should use a first person pronoun which demonstrated her knowledge of this genre.

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