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Tips for Observing Nature with Kids

As a homeschooling family, we love all things nature and science related! There are definitely ways to make natural observations easier with young children. We're sharing what we've found has worked best to make our experiences enjoyable for all of us!

Tips to help the whole family enjoy being outside to observe nature from Still Playing School

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Be Prepared!

Getting outside in nature as much as possible have proven health benefits including resetting kids' internal clocks for better sleep at night! (Parents, say it with me, YAY!) When we're having a difficult homeschooling day I know that a break outside is just what we need. 

Keep all of your nature observing gear together in a backpack. A first aid kit, snacks, drinks, a change of clothing for each child, and special tools are all great to keep in one place. We love kid binoculars and an insect catching kit. Make sure you have your phone so you can Instagram the interesting pictures you take with the hashtag #kidsnaturehunt! You can also use your phone to quickly identify animals, plants, and other neat finds!

Be Flexible!

Sometimes the "short" walks turn longer and vice versa sometimes a planned hike is cut short by unexpected obstacles. If you keep your nature observing kit in the trunk of your car you are ready to explore any time you see a great place to take the kids. It's best to set out without a certain goal in mind and let your kids and their interests take the lead!

Be Cautiously Curious!

Unless you have a total phobia of insects, spiders, or other creatures, try to leave your aversions to what you think is "gross" quiet around your child. They will pick up on your opinions about nature quickly so it's best to meet adventures with a cautious curiosity!

I always remind my kids not to touch any plants or animals they can't identify without asking me first. We discuss how nature has ways to protect creatures and other living things so while they may not hurt us to be mean, we need to watch first and act second.

We'll regularly be joining up with Stir the Wonder to bring you more exciting posts and ideas for observing nature with kids! I've always been intrigued and admired the photos of creatures and plants that Stir the Wonder shares on Instagram. Since we do the same, I asked her to partner up with me to create this interactive nature series for kids! Please join in the fun by tagging your nature photos with #kidsnaturehunt so we can all enjoy the beautiful world around us.

Build a Mini Ecosystem for Nature Observation with Kids by Stir the Wonder

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