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Shape Sensory Squish Bag for Kids

Our kids love sensory play! We're learning shapes so we created a sensory squish bag with triangles, circles, and squares. It's irresistible to touch and talk about in the window or on the table. It's super easy to make, too!

Kids learn to identify shapes and colors by creating this sensory shape squish bag!
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Sensory bags are one of our favorite no mess ways to play. For this squish bag, we used pre-cut foam shapes in fun colors. We added hair gel to a strong zipper plastic bag.
TIP: We get our hair gel at the dollar store! 

Next we sprinkled in super fine glitter (Because we love glitter!) and added the shapes. Our kids loved helping to make this sensory bag, too. Squeeze out any air bubbles and seal. We double bagged our creation by placing the first bag into another one. You could also reinforce with packing tape for extra durability. Or duct tape which comes in so many fun colors!

Engage your children by asking them to find and touch the shapes. Once they get quick at this task add more attributes to your search. 

"Can you find the red triangle? Can you show me a circle that is smaller than this one?"

We love to tape our sensory squish bags up in the window so the light shines through. These are also fun to play with in the bath tub. Kids can explore in an empty tub if you are nervous that the bag might rip. We have also taped ours up to the shower wall for fun conversations during bath time! 

Our older daughter loved to move the shapes around with her fingers. We sorted all the like shapes together and named the colors. I showed the kids how to add a triangle to the top of a square to make a house!

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  1. This is great! We just made our first sensory bag the other day and my daughter really liked it!

  2. Just put two of these together for the girls to discover in the morning.

  3. Just put two of these together for the girls to discover in the morning.

  4. What an inviting way to experience shapes! I love the bright colors and sparkle.

  5. We haven't done a squishy bag in a long time. You've inspired me to try this one out!

  6. This looks like a lot of fun. My kids love making sensory bags!

  7. I love the idea to use these in the bathtub!