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Warhol Inspired Art for Kids

Kids can create their own Andy Warhol inspired artwork with self portraits using a super easy (and free) website! Our daughter loved coloring her facial features in bold and contrasting colors after studying Warhol's art.

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Choose a photo of each child that is clear, close, and cropped. You will make your Warhol inspired coloring sheet in PicMonkey. Choose Edit, upload your image, then under Themes choose Comic Heroes and pick Sketch. Apply this effect.

Save your image and open PicMonkey again, This time choose Collage. Upload your new "sketched" photo. Under Layouts choose Square Deal and decide how many times you'd like the image to repeat.

Insert the child's photo, save, and print! It's as simple as that. Our daughter chose to use markers to add color to her artwork. She did ask how Warhol colored his paintings so we discussed the process of silk screening.

While looking at Andy Warhol's art we noticed and discussed how he would choose several colors. He used each individual color to highlight a facial feature. In a similar style, our daughter chose colors for her lipds, hair, eyebrows, eyelids, eyes, and face.

I just love the way this project turned out! We're planning to frame this one in our home. These would make great gifts! You can do self portraits or color images of someone else you admire as Warhol did with Marilyn Monroe or even choose an item like the Campbell's Soup can!

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  1. I just love this idea! I can see these making a gorgeous classroom display. What a fabulously creative idea Devany. I will be sharing and pinning!

  2. Great idea! I've done stuff like this (art projects to match art history lessons) with other famous ones as well - DaVinci, Monet, etc. So. Much. Fun.

  3. P.S. But this Warhol project is new to me - I love it!

  4. Fantastic Idea! Paint your own sketch! My son will love it!