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Early Literacy: The Ultimate Guide to Learning to Read

How do kids learn to read? At what point and how do letter sounds, rhyming, decoding, and concepts of print all come together to support an early reader? As a teacher and now a homeschooling mom, these skills have always fascinated me so I'm thrilled to be sharing a educational series that will take a closer look at all concepts that fall under the category of early literacy!

I am absolutely ecstatic to be partnering with my friend and colleague over at Fun-A-Day! to bring you The Ultimate Guide to Learning to Read! We'll be defining early reading terms, explaining why the skills are important, and providing ideas of play based ways you can work on these activities to build a solid, developmentally appropriate foundation for your children as they learn to read. 

We're going to take some of the mystery away from learning to read since it certainly isn't something that only needs to happen within the walls of a classroom. We'll look closely at all of the pieces of the puzzle like phonemic and phonetic awareness which even confuse me sometimes (which is why I have Fun-A-Day! waiting in the wings to remind me which is which)!

What questions do you have about how kids learn to read? What skills specifically would you like us to design play based educational activities for literacy development? We'd love to base The Ultimate Guide to Learning to Read series on what you'd most like to see!

Be sure to check out Fun-A-Day!'s Emergent Literacy Activities for Reading Readiness

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