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My Five Senses Book for Kids

Predictable books are a huge step in teaching kids to read. Children are even more motivated when they have written the book themselves! We created this printable book about the five senses for our kids to review this preschool concept. We're also sharing the pattern so you make your own! 

FREE My Five Senses Book for kids to create, write, illustrate, and read themselves!

Both as a classroom teacher and now as a homeschooling mom, I love to plan activities that can reach every child at their "sweet spot" academically. Thinking of each individual's strengths and goals can allow an adult to adapt learning to very different kids simultaneously. Let's see what this looks like in action with our two year old and our five year old.  

I asked our two year old to complete each sentence in our My Five Senses book for me as I wrote what he dictated. This included that he likes to smell "a stinky sock," as he is always my comedian!

Next I drew the pictures for him as I thought out loud as I worked a la Steve from Blue's Clues. "An elephant needs a trunk, ears, and eyes! How many legs does an elephant have? Can you help me count them?"

Our five year old on the other hand is an avid writer, reader, and artist. She sat next to us at the same table completing her work independently and spelling her words phonetically. Don't I look amazing on that page? I totally made this my new Facebook profile picture. 

An alternate idea would be inviting children to use stickers or illustrations cut from magazines to illustrate each page. All children can complete this book as you easily adapt it to their ability level!

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  1. What an awesome book! I love that children get to fill in the words and pictures to make it personal.

  2. I love that there is such a big space for pictures. That is so important for emergent writers.

  3. I bet my three year old would get along well with your son- he thinks stinky sock are funny too! :-)

  4. Great idea! This is perfect for kids who love to draw!