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Microwave Puffy Paint Gingerbread Men

We love gingerbread men crafts for Christmas! We used our favorite microwave puffy paint recipe to make these cardboard gingerbread cookies. They are a festive decoration for kids to create!

Kids can decorate gingerbread men cookies as a Christmas craft with microwave puffy paint!

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As soon as I began mixing up a batch of our favorite microwave puffy paint from Housing a Forest, our daughter said, "Remember when we made puffy paint volcanoes and birthday cakes?" Now this was poignant to me because sometimes when she sees photos of our past activities she doesn't remember the crafts. But puffy paint? Puffy paint is so amazing it will stick in your kids' memories! 

You need a sturdy surface for puffy painting. Recycled cardboard also happens to look perfectly like gingerbread, don't you think?

We provided both q-tips and small paint brushes for the artwork to add a bit of fine motor work to the project. 

Once decorated, simply pop these gingerbread men into the microwave for 30 to 45 seconds! The paint will puff up and harden. Kids love to see this science in action!

This craft is perfect for kids to make as ornaments, gift tags, or a Christmas garland! Aren't they adorable and unique?

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  1. The gingerbread men are really cute! They would look adorable on packages.

  2. So cute! And, yes, cardboard is perfect for gingerbread men.