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Frosty the Melted Snowman Sensory Play for Kids

Have you ever touched oobleck? If you have then you know how utterly irresistible it is and if you haven't I insist you whip up a batch right now! Or at least at some point this winter you have to try oobleck for the perfect pretend play melted snowman. Let us show you how this non-Newtonian fluid creates the coolest Frosty the Snowman you'll ever meet.

This pretend melted snowman is the perfect sensory and fine motor invitation for kids this winter!

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As a kid, I always thought the saddest part of Frosty the Snowman was that he knew his time was limited before he melted. It was bittersweet though since that allowed him to live life to the fullest before the sun got too hot. Am I the only child who thought this deeply about this Christmas carol? Probably!

What is your favorite Christmas song? And your kids' favorites? Please take a minute to tell us in the comments at the end of this post!

When Sugar Aunts invited us to participate in a blog series full of kids' sensory play activities based on our favorite Christmas carols, I had to save poor Frosty! I picked him primarily so I could create a way that we could continue to play even after he melted! Be sure to check out all of the brilliant Christmas Carol Sensory Bins!

Now I know that Frosty technically has eyes made out of coal and a button nose but he also has a corncob pipe and a magical silk hat. You can add any snowman pieces that you'd like to your melted snowman oobleck. We chose Craft Project Ideaswiggly eyes, a craft foam nose, buttons, and beads for a mouth. 

Winter Preschool Theme

When you put the pieces on the snowman's face they will float at first then slowly begin to sink. We gave our snowman a stir with a spoon to start his melting. 

Children who are reluctant to touch the oobleck can continue to use the spoon. We took turns trying to scoop out particular parts of the snowman. This is great fine motor practice

Just look at how the oobleck oozes thickly! It is the most fascinating sensory play recipe. All you need to create the oobleck is corn starch and water. Slowly whisk in water until you get the consistency you'd like. If you add too much water, as I often do, you can just wait for it to settle at the top and then gently pour that excess water out. 

If your kids are willing to get their hands messy, the oobleck is so much fun to touch and explore. If you let your fingers slowly sink into the oobleck it feels like a liquid but if you touch it forcefully it acts like more solid.

Oobleck can be a bit messy so just lay down a towel or table cloth under your play area! Once any drops dry they just turn to powder that can be brushed away or vacuumed! 

We had a treasure hunt once the pieces sunk to the bottom of the oobleck. What a fun way to work on hand and finger strength. Can you find the yellow button? Our Frosty is here to stay all winter long! 

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  1. BAHAHA! That is AWESOME! My kids would love this, thank you for sharing!

  2. I would never have thought of creating Frosty this way! My girls love oobleck and I'm sure they'll love this too. :)

  3. What a cute snowman, such a clever idea to use oobleck. Can't wait to try this ♥

  4. Oh!! What fun this is!! I love the fine motor play going on, too!

  5. Ooh, I LOVE oobleck! This is such a fun twist, my daughter would love it! It's especially great if you don't have any snow where you live...
    Sharing on Facebook this week :)

    Oh, and my favourite was always "I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas" ;)

  6. Such a great idea to use oobleck for snowman! Love it!