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Chocolate Cocoa Writing Tray

Does anything smell better than chocolate? It can any task more fun! We decided to use a chocolate writing tray to practice spelling, math, and more. It was the most delicious sensory experience! Yum!

A chocolate writing tray is a delicious sensory experience for kids!

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Our daughter was eager to get started writing as soon as she saw our chocolate writing tray. It was just cheap cocoa poured onto a flat plate. I gave her a spatula and a chopstick. She was off to work!

The possibilities for writing trays are endless! She started by drawing a bit in the cocoa. I asked her to spell some words that have been tricking her during writing such as they

To erase and start again she would gently pat the cocoa down with the flat spatula. This could get messy if your kids are rough but our daughter is old enough to be careful which makes this the perfect writing tray for older kids (though I just love this picture of our preschooler watching her intently)!

We also did math. I would say, "Four tens and three ones," and she would write and say 43! She still gets some numerals reversed so this was fun and quick practice for her. 

She did ask once about tasting the cocoa but I explained that it wasn't sweetened so it wouldn't taste very good. Of course, you can always make a hot chocolate bar to serve with it while your little ones work! We keep homemade frozen cookie dough on hand for last minute chocolate cravings, too. 

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  1. We love to experiment with different scents and textures in our writing activities. This is going on our list for sure.