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Rainbow Polka Dot Discovery Bottle

We love any excuse to play with rainbow colors! This discovery bottle is extra fun because the rainbow polka dots are transparent so you can see different colors where the rainbow colors overlap. We also tried a new to us sensory bottle filler that worked beautifully that we can't wait to share with you!

Create a rainbow dot discovery bottle for kids to observe color mixing in action! This is the perfect sensory calm down activity, too!

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When our friends over at Fun-A-Day shared their heart glitter jars we were instantly intrigued. Then she posted a video of the glitter in action on their Facebook page and I was glued to the screen. Take a peek! You will be mesmerized! I knew that we had to try a similar mixture the next time we made a sensory bottle.

We mixed corn syrup and hot water inside the bottle using a funnel. You can see in the picture below how the water sits on top of the heavy syrup because of the difference in viscosity. Our daughter E loved discussing this observation! When you glue on the lid and shake the bottle up well it all mixes in to the perfectly solution to slow down objects for examination.

We added our favorite transparent colored counters in rainbow colors! Glue on the lid, shake, and flip it over. The "polka dots" will float to the top so this is a discovery bottle that kids will flip over, literally!

We just loved looking at the places where the colors overlapped in the light. We will be sure to put this on our light table on a rainy day! 

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