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Snowmen at Night Art for Kids

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We were inspired by two of our favorite winter themed children's books to create a silhouette painting of snowmen at night!

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We love the books Snowmen at Night and Arctic Fives Arrive. We've tried silhouette paintings before but this time we went for a winter version of a snowman in front of the northern lights. You can see how the illustrations in the books inspired us!

We cut out black construction paper circles of increasing size and a bit of the ground for the bottom. One of our kids made a portrait painting and the other chose to try landscape.

We used traditional watercolor paints to create the northern lights effect. Liquid watercolors would be fun, too! 

I love how this art activity provided our reluctant writer with practice making down strokes with the paintbrush!

Once the paint was compete the kids glued their snowmen in place. I love how this one looks like the hat is just blowing off his head!

Have you read Snowmen at Night and the Arctic Fives Arrive? We'd love to see if you try this project!

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  1. We just love this book! What a fabulous art extension - I look forward to trying it with my boys.