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Raining Hearts Name Craft

Valentine's Day is the sweetest time to practice names with preschoolers! They are signing cards for their classmates, reading their name on their own mailbox, and this name puzzle craft pairs perfectly with one of our favorite Valentine's Day children's books. 

Create a name puzzle craft with kids inspired by The Day it Rained Hearts

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This week's Virtual Book Club for Kids selection is The Day It Rained Hearts by Felecia Bond. I am so in love with her work as both an author and an illustrator! This book is a valentine favorite telling a whimsical story about hearts raining from the sky. 

We've created our own hearts to spell our names. You can show kids that each heart is different just like in the book. 

Ours are different colors and they have different letters on them. Children can put the hearts in order to spell their names. 

This name puzzle craft also provides the opportunity for scissor practice. Our hearts are going to rain from a cloud so we'll need string or yarn to suspend them. 

Now here is where you can personalize this activity a bit to best fit the needs of the children. We taped our hearts on to the cloud in order to spell our names. 

You could write the name on the cloud too for children that need a bit more practice with their names. That way they are matching the letters on the hearts to the letters written on the cloud above.

This makes an adorable display for Valentine's Day! I plan to ask my son to point to each heart as he spells his name each day. You could make these for friends to send as valentines!

If you'd like this to be a center activity that kids can revisit and practice over and over again you can tie paperclips to the string. Children will clip the letters in their name in order. We even used color coded paper clips that matched the hearts for each letter so they could check their work independently. This is great daily fine motor practice too!

You can print just the pages you need for this craft using the link below. There are blank hearts so you can write the letters to spell your child's name.

We also have a variation of ways you can use the Raining Hearts letter cards we've created. You can invite children to match uppercase and lowercase letters. Older children can spell sight words or spelling words with the heart letters.

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  1. I love this idea and it would make a great decoration for a room as well :)