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Go Away Big Green Monster Slime

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Go Away, Big Green Monster! is one of our favorite books! We're excited to share our recipe for monster slime that allows preschoolers to retell the story through sensory play.

Go Away, Big Green Monster Slime recipe for story retelling for kids

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This week's book pick for the Virtual Book Club for Kids is Go Away, Big Green Monster by Ed Emberley. If you aren't familiar with the story, you can watch it here:

One of the best ways for kids to explore topics that scare them are through children's books and play. This week we've combined both into a fun sensory experience that will have your child banishing monsters in no time!

In Go Away, Big Green Monster! each page names a characteristic of the creature while adding the details in the illustration. Once complete, the children get to tell each feature to go away as well. Using green glitter glue slime as the base of our monster for his face, we added the other pieces made out of craft foam.

Together our kids were able to build the monster by adding Craft Project Ideas' two big yellow eyes, a long bluish-greenish craft foam nose, a big red mouth with sharp white teeth, two little squiggly ears, scraggly purple hair.

Retelling the story, kids take away each feature in the order of the book. They will want to play over and over again! Oh, we have made slime many many times in the past but we've never been as consistently successful with it as we have been since we started using Preschool Inspirations' perfect slime instructions!

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