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Honey Bee Theme Ideas for Kids

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When kids learn about something that scares them (like stinging insects) they combat fear with knowledge. We created a whole collection of activities to teach preschoolers about bees. This would be a great theme to study in the spring or summer! It is also perfect when learning about all sorts of insects.

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The first thing we did when our preschooler was interested in learning more about bees was set up a field trip to visit friends who keep bees.

Learning about these fascinating insects from beekeepers our daughter knew and seeing the tools they use to live peacefully with the honey bees really sparked so much learning (and more questions)!

Bugs and Butterflies Preschool Theme

You could contact a beekeeper local to you to see if you could have a real or virtual field trip or if they would visit your classroom or homeschool group to show the kids some of their beekeeping essentials. 

Once we returned home, our preschooler wanted to revisit what she learned about beekeeping with pretend play! Kids learn through play and acting out scenarios solidifies concepts they are exploring.  

To further the learning we compiled a list of our favorite books about bees for kids

You can use these stories for read alouds or leave the books out for the children to take a picture walk to inspire more creative play ideas. 

As we learned how bees collect pollen and make honey, we created a honey bee fine motor activity to work our hand muscles while we pretended to be the bees! 

Bees are vital pollinators and helpful insects. Teaching children how useful and beautiful they are at an early age allows them to be advocates for bees for the rest of their lives.

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